See what happens in a radically innovative classroom

Instead of desks, they had a mission: Help solve their hometown’s biggest problems by designing and building a local farmer’s market.

With guidance from two designer-activists who are pioneering a sociallly transformative design thinking curriculum, high school students in North Carolina’s poorest county cut through administrative red tape, crippling financial constraints and extreme weather conditions to make a difference in their community. “If You Build It,” a documentary from the award-winning creators of the film “Wordplay,” follows the students on their year-long odyssey and explores how design thinking in the classroom can help solve society’s most pressing problems.

Learn more at ISTE 2014

Interested in seeing design thinking in action? Watch this groundbreaking film June 30 at 5 p.m. in the Sidney Marcus Auditorium, and join a discussion with designer-activist Emily Pilloton about the future of hands-on education.

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