Global Education Day bursts to life at ISTE 2014

Global Education Day Vicki DavisIs global education ready to hit a critical mass in our education systems? If today was any sign, it may not be long.

The fifth annual Global Education Day at ISTE 2014 burst to life with a filled-to-capacity room that overflowed into the hallway with educators eager to connect, share and learn. The fast-paced Ignite sessions and animated roundtable discussions stretched around the world and back as we exchanged ideas, resources and contact information.

Global Education Day collaboration

Educators collaborate on global education via a shared Google doc.

The group’s Google doc quickly filled with collaborative notes as the back channel conversation held space for suggestion-spurred conversation.

As Vicki Davis said in her Ignite session: It isn’t 21st century skills we need, it’s 21st century connections.

Looking to connect your students globally? Check out the many resources that were compiled during the session. There is no end to the professional generosity of this group.

I’ll end with a video Lisa Parisi shared during her Ignite session featuring some of our connected classrooms dancing around the world, starting at the prime meridian. Help your students join the dance. All you have to do is jump in and connect!

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