Getting connected is just the first step — now it’s time to lead


There is a reason we each choose the profession we do. Some crave a sense of excitement. Others want to explore and experiment. Some feel called to serve others. For educators, all of these apply. As educators, we have chosen … Continue reading

3 ways to start exploring virtual environments

virtual environment

Virtual environments are more than just websites — they’re places where creation, collaboration and deeper learning can occur. Educators in our Special Interest Group for Virtual Environments (SIGVE) have developed a community of practice for exploring the educational possibilities of … Continue reading

Students are knowledge curators — let’s help them use it

Content Curation by Sally Wilson on Flickr

Social media has made us all curators. We dip into the vast well of the internet to find things that interest us, inspire us or spark our creativity, and we collect them on sites such as Pinterest or Facebook. We … Continue reading

3 things to include in your digital learning strategic plan

Blueprint by Will Scullin on Flickr

A school- or district-wide digital learning strategy provides a paddle to help steer your organization toward its learning and teaching goals. It’s the shared vision educators rally around to guide effective technology implementation. In Wisconsin, award-winning ed tech advocate Kurt … Continue reading

Connected leadership in the digital age


With technology rapidly evolving, superintendents face the task of leading their districts through the shifting sands of a transforming education landscape. Now, more than ever, it’s critical for education leaders to collaborate with each other, share best practices and keep … Continue reading