San Antonio as You’ve Never Seen It: 2013 ISTE/ADE Photo Walk

ISTE/ADE Photo Walk 2013

Photo by Larry S. Anderson

In the torrid Texas summer heat, 172 ISTE 2013 attendees ventured outside with cameras in tow to document their San Antonio trip during the ISTE/ADE Photo Walk. The snapshots you see here are the results of their blood, sweat and tears—well, mostly their sweat.

The ISTE/ADE Photo Walk has become an annual staple at ISTE’s conference and expo. Co-founders Craig Nansen and Larry S. Anderson organized the first photo safari during the 2009 conference in Washington, D.C., as a way to impart photography tips to fellow Apple Distinguished Educators (ADE). The trek proved so popular it has continued every year.

ISTE/ADE Photo Walk 2013

Photographer Tony Baldasaro captures the colorful atmosphere of the San Antonio Riverwalk.

“The main reason we organize and conduct these photo walks is so our fellow ISTE attendees can get together, stroll through a relatively unfamiliar city, develop and strengthen friendships, and try our luck at capturing some memorable images,” Anderson said.

This year, Anderson and Nansen opened up the event to all ISTE 2013 attendees, which caused participation to quadruple. With more photographers to accommodate, they switched the format to a photo walk, which is a shorter and more casual version of a photo safari.

“Each year, many new friendships get crafted, and they expand in the years that follow,” Anderson said. “Our global family of photographers continues to grow, and that’s what makes it all worthwhile.”

How Can I Participate?

If you’re planning to join us in Atlanta for ISTE 2014, consider signing up for the ISTE/ADE Photo Walk on Saturday morning, June 28. There’s no fee to participate, although the group may visit optional venues that require an admission fee. Advance registration is required—stay tuned for updates!

ISTE/ADE Photo Walk 2013

Photographer Craig Nansen uses the Alamo to demonstrate how to incorporate the concepts of texture, leading lines, repeating geometry and dynamic range in a single photograph.

ISTE/ADE Photo Walk 2013

Photographer Gordon Worley demonstrates how a long exposure can make the cascading water appear smooth.

ISTE/ADE Photo Walk 2013
This image, by Tony Baldasaro, was inspired by the words “meditation,” “inspiration,” “solitude” and “flow.”
ISTE/ADE Photo Walk 2013

Photographer Craig Nansen demonstrates the concepts of light (direction, intensity and angle), texture and depth of field.

Visit the ISTE/ADE Photo Walk Flickr group to explore more photos from the 2013 conference. To learn more about photo safaris—and how to organize your own event—download a free copy of Dr. Larry S. Anderson’s eBook, Leading Your Own Photo Safari.

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