South Carolina moving forward with digital learning

There is a lot of buzz surrounding South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley’s comprehensive education plan known as the K-12 Education Reform initiative, which contains nearly $30 million for school internet access, $12 million for digital instructional materials and $4 million for technology professional learning.The spending bill for fiscal year 2014-15, which includes funding for these ed tech proposals, has passed the state House of Representatives and will be considered by the state Senate in the coming days and weeks.

Local district officials, excited about the possibility of boosting technology in their schools, have already begun to express how they would use the money.

For example, Superintendent David Longshore of Orangeburg Consolidated School District (OCSD) 3 stated that a portion of the money could go toward installing wireless internet access across the district. “We have it in spots, but not everywhere, and we’re already in the process of putting in wireless overlays,” he said.

Superintendent Brenda Turner in OCSD 4 has similar hopes of updating the networks and adding new devices to the classroom. She notes that “teachers will also have to be trained on the devices and a technology support team put into place.”

Collectively, the superintendents seem to be eagerly awaiting the chance to use these funds.  “Technology allows us to meet the individual needs of our students” said Jackie Jamison, executive director of academics for OCSD 5.

Stay tuned to ISTE’s Voices Carry blog for updates on what happens with the K-12 Education Reform initiative in South Carolina.

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